Type by Adrian Olivares

Hi! I am Adrian Olivares, I am a Letterer, Illustrator and Calligrapher. I love Coffee because it makes me comfortable. I love to Travel because it makes me feel Free and Inspired.

So Lettering is not hard once you always put in your mind that You can do it. I believe in the quote “Allow yourself to be a beginner, No one starts off being excellent.” because everyone starts as a beginner, it can’t be like you’re starting today and then tomorrow you’re a famous Letterer and etc. We have to take time, never waste a time. For me, I don’t just sit somewhere and wait for things to happen because “Good things come to those who Hustle, Work Hard and Never give up.” We can’t just wait for things to come, we have to move now and see what happens.

A lot of people worrying because they don’t know what to do to start making or creating stuffs. The reason is that you’re not Inspired. Why not go outside, take pictures of the awesome nature, check out the street signs, or go to an Art Gallery. Just remember, Be Inspired Always. 


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