Off to Laguna

A trip to Rizal Re-creation Center, Laguna.

We’ll be havin’ a trip to Rizal tomorrow, October 29th.

Packing my bags, preparing my towels, Shirts and Foods of course! 😛 (lol) Because you will never enjoy a Bus trip if you don’t have something to Eat. I am also planning to paint at Rizal, so I’m packing my Travel Art kit :D. We have a lot of stuffs to do at Rizal! Like Team Building Activities, Sports Activities and Swimming — I’ll be bringing my swimming attire INCASE (lol).


Staffs of the Re-creation Center will be telling the story about the Large “Turumpo” — I’m very curious about it (lol). I am also excited about the Volleyball Field at the Park because they have a net and a giant air ball! whoa! Maybe they’re going to bring a small sized ball (maybe) I don’t know. 

I’m so excited about the Team Building Activities! they have a very large field that is very perfect for a large group like Schools or companies. I think I’ll be having a hard time this Night (lol). We are also having a short Church service.


I purchased a bag of Foods — Junk foods, Biscuits, candies and drinks! can’t wait to eat them all! (lol).

My Mom be like “Why are you grabbing a lot of Foods?” I was like “Remember? My Fieldtrip is tomorrow!” — She nearly forgot! (lol).  I nearly forgot also— I need to download more musics so that I will be able to enjoy the road (While wearing earphones and ignoring my friends) lol.


See you Laguna!

(Spongebob) I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! 🙂


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