Life, Lately


First of all, I wasn’t able to update my blog because I was too busy and lazy (lol) but now, here! I’m finally updating it! (lol). The photo above is a Brush Lettered “Laguna” because we traveled at Laguna, Rizal Re-Creation Center. It was very awesome because I’ve experience a lot of Team Building Activities! I also heard about the story of the largest “Turumpo” (Top) which made me Inspired.

Me and my classmates ate a lot of Foods! we even ate Laguna’s Special! It is the best Buko Pie!


The Palm Tree’s are also awesome at night! Yieee.

This November, It’s time for me to start on my #Project2016byAdrian and I’m so excited about it.

Hint: It’s a Travel Themed Project! Soooo! I think you know what it is! (Maybe). Here’s a little sneek peak of my slow progress! (lol).


I was focusing on Progress not Perfection because Progress is more important!


And I believe in this saying! you have to work hard on the things you wanted to have.

You don’t just rush on Good stuffs because rushing is very wrong. You have to properly work on it and give the best you can. If you think you need to add more details, then add it. Don’t be scared, add what you want! You can’t just let it be simple because you’re scared of adding more to make it beautiful. You have to fight your fears. Make sure to always get motivated in order for you to produce a nice and clean work.


Make sure to Create Something Beautiful Today!

Christmas Gift Tags will be available starting December 3! More Details soon! 🙂 \



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