Travel Diaries: Singapore


It’s been a few years since we traveled in Singapore.

I really miss Singapore!




I will never forget the time when we were about to get off at the train station but suddenly my train card was empty and we don’t have any Singaporian money to pay for my transportation, the girl guard tries to check my card and it was really empty! but still she let me get off, She was very kind tho! Yieeee! What an experience!

Singapore is very clean! I saw a lot of decorations and other unique stuffs! I also got a chance to taste the Ice cream on a waffle biscuit that you can buy for a dollar! and it was awesome!

I didn’t got a chance to see the Art Friend store in Singapore because I was not yet an artsy fartsy guy at that time. (lol)

Universal Studios Singapore!!!

The place where everyone will be happy! Whooo!



Photo by Abiegale Olivares a.k.a My Sister. (lol)

I really enjoyed Universal Studios! Really! They also have a lot of decorations, rides, foods and other more stuffs! USS is very awesome mostly at Night because you get to see all the amazing lights! Yassss!

It’s enough reminiscing! (lol) It makes me cry! T_T (lol)


IMG_5794 (1)

Photo above is my Travel Journal!

I’ll be on Katipunan and UP Town later! See you (Maybe) (lol)

Have an awesome weekend Everyone!

I’ll be preparing for APEC! #WorkInProgress Whoo! This is it!


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