Life, Lately

I wasn’t able to add a new blog post these past few weeks because I was too busy, and now finally! Here it is! I’m back (lol).



We went to Laguna to experience a Splash at Splash Mountain Resort.

I wasn’t able to enjoy the splash because most of the pools are very hot! And that’s not necessary for me! (lol) Even the largest pool one has a hot water as well, it felt like I’m being boiled! (lol).

When I’m traveling somewhere far from Manila, I will be bringing my travel kit so that I will be able sketch places, buildings and other more stuffs.

(I’ll be adding a new blog post about “Travel” so make sure to check that out later)


The photo above is my sketch of some of the Palm Trees at Laguna.

You can Enjoy your trip with C2 Cool & Clean Red Tea available at your nearest 7-eleven.


Stuck on my head! I’m starting to be a Belieber rightnow! (lol).

The Love Yourself, Sorry, Been you and The Feeling is starting to invade my head also. (lol)

I’ll be on La Vista Arts and Crafts Fair Tomorrow (Sunday)

Check out @lavistaartsandcraftsfair at Instagram for more info.

See you? Yes!


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