December Snippets

Christmas is near and I am so excited!

I’m so excited for Gifts, Christmas Parties, Foods and Families. Yasss!

I’m planning to release a small project before the year ends. Yay! I’m so excited to reveal it!


My New Watercolor Pads just came today! I was expecting that it will be delivered tomorrow but suddenly it just came. I am so excited to use these pads! SUPER HAPPY KID HERE! Yes!

You can purchase your own Watercolor Pads at


I am working on a school project, What subject? Well it’s for Filipino. I’m starting to make progress and I think my progress is very very very slow! (lol). I’m trying to finish it as soon as possible because the project deadline is until Saturday. Send Help! (lol).

Inspired by Googly Gooeys.



I am going to give a hint for the First Project.

“Stick the Sticker to the Stick but It won’t Stick.”

That’s my first hint. Check out more sneek peaks on my Twitter account!

If you haven’t followed me, Kindly search for my username (@drian_olivares)

Have a great weekend ahead! God Bless! 🙂


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