Christmas Blog

Few more days and it’s Christmas! Yay! Let’s celebrate!


What do you want for Christmas? What is your Favorite Christmas Food? Is it Ham? Is it Keso De Bola? or Macaroni? You can comment all of your answers below.

It’s Christmas again and I think it’s time for us greet out Ninong’s and Ninang’s! Hooray!

So today (Tuesday), My sister is home from Singapore! The whole family is very excited to have a bonding with her. We are also excited to eat all of her pasalubongs (Chocolates, Candies and more). My sister challenged me to try one of those candy beans and it was awesome and not (lol), But still it was an experience.

Here’s a big surprise for you guys!

The old-fashioned way, I’m sending out some Greeting Cards!


I’ll be sending 5 greeting cards on December 25th! Check out the instructions below.


  1. LIKE my Facebook Page (Adrian Olivares) (or) Follow me on Instagram (@drian_olivares)
  2. (Instagram) On the caption, tell me what you want to receive this Christmas / (Facebook) On the comment section,Β tell me what you want to receive this Christmas.
  3. Note: (Instagram) Include the #ChristmasByAdrian

The Best answer will receive a Greeting Card from Me! πŸ™‚

I’m not actually selling them, But if you really want some of these postcards, Kindly message me on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you! I’m soooo Excited! Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!


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