Kickstart Giveaway for 2016

How’s your Page 1 this 2016? Was it great?

My first page this 2016 was great! I was planning to try something new, something that is very different from writing and drawing letters. I was planning to paint Galaxies! I wanted to create something different. I was not expecting that I will be able to paint Galaxies! The first time I saw painting galaxies, I was thinking that It will be difficult for me to paint one and then I never thought that I just painted not just one but two galaxies!!

So now, I’m thinking of sharing my first Galaxies to others! I’m going to conduct another Giveaway!

This time I’m going to give my (2) Original Galaxy Paintings!



Here are the mechanics:


  1. Make sure to LIKE my post about this on Facebook
  2. On the comment section, Tag your friend who might one to Win one of my original Galaxy Paintings.

Deadline: January 15 (11:59PM)

I’ll be selecting 2 Winners on January 17 in the Morning.

Goodluck! Have a great Start this 2016!



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