Type x Travel

I wanted to tell you guys that It’s been an awesome experience creating stuffs without having any reference. It’s up to you to move and imagine something by yourself. I’m not telling you to stop looking for references or stuffs that will encourage you to create. I’m just telling you guys my awesome experience on creating without references, you know why? because I was able to think by myself, I was able to imagine my future projects. I’m not forcing you to try my experience. It’s still up to you, It’s still up to you to decide.

Back to my real topic! (lol)

So.. Type x Travel is here!!! Yassss!!!


wanna know the backstory behind Type x Travel?

I was really planning for my first project last year, I think it’s between October or November? I can’t remember the exact month. But now! I’ve started the Type x Travel Project when I was really bored! Like REALLY BORED on our computer and then suddenly I was thinking that maybe I should start my first project with Type and with Travel. But the truth is.. I was really thinking about a project that is perfect for the upcoming Summer this 2016! Sorry, I was just very excited for Summer (lol).

After a few minutes.. I finally got an idea! And it was to make postcards that is perfect for Travel. I was thinking that maybe I should just Scribble some Travel quotes.

That’s time I started the project. And now.. It’s here!

So.. now you’re asking me. “What is Type x Travel?”

Type x Travel is Project

Type x Travel is a pack of Travel Themed Postcards.

It contains (4) Travel Postcards with Quotes/Sayings.

It is very perfect for people who loves to Travel.


Well here it is! The Type x Travel Project! It will be available for purchase starting today! Yay! You can email me for pre-orders.

Just email me your Full name at adrianolivares2601@gmail.com with a subject of [TypexTravelByBIA] or you can fill up the order form below (Click the link).




This is only available online.

We are really encouraging you to bring the postcards when you’re going to Travel. Also make sure to take a photo of the postcards because soon I will collect all the photos and feature them online! πŸ™‚

I’ll be selling some at BGC Art Mart soon! Stay Tuned for further announcements.

You can also follow my Instagram account: @drian_olivares

You can also LIKE my Facebook Page: Adrian Olivares

What are you waiting for? Grab a pack now! πŸ™‚


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