Free Coloring Sheets

Yesterday, I was really planning to create my own coloring sheets. I decided to make 1 or more and share some of those.

Here’s a photo of my WIP.


It is really hard to focus on details and straight curve lines (The struggle is real though) But still I was able to produce a clean coloring sheet.


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So today, I’ll be giving away (2) FREE Printable Coloring Sheets! Yes! It’s FREE.


These coloring sheets can be printed on Watercolor Papers or Board Papers but if you don’t have either of the two, you can print these on a 70-100gsm Bond Papers.

Size: “8 1/2 x 11”

I’m highly recommending you to use Color Pens on this coloring sheets.

You can use Faber Castell Pens or CRAYOLA Supertips. If you don’t have time to buy some pens, You can also use Faber Castell Color Pencils.

Here are the coloring sheets.

Coloring 1

Coloring 2

Have fun coloring guys!

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