Share the Love + VDay Postcards

It’s been a long time since I blogged. The reason of not blogging these past few weeks it is because I was so busy at school (Sorry, High school life) but I can still manage things up. This Valentines, I’m planning to go for a date, Joke! Wala akong ka date! (Lols). I’ll rather go to an event than date with someone (Kahit wala akong someone). Can’t wait to receive nothing on Valentines Day (Lolz).

It’s February, so I guess it means that It’s LOVE month! Why not give someone a box of chocolates? Flowers? How about Stickers and Postcards?

We don’t just give someone a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers every Valentines Day. We should also show appreciation, kindness and of course Love.

Always remember that “Love NEVER GIVES UP” according to 1 Corinthians 13 – Thanks to my cousin.


Good news! I’ll be selling some Stickers and Postcards this week!



I’m collaborating with my Art Buddy/Cousin Lorefel! We’ve talked about this project a lot. It’s very hard to plan but it’s easy to finish what you planned. These cards are very perfect for Valentines Day! You can give it someone even if you’re far away. The purpose of these cards is to show appreciation and love to the person who is very important to your life.

We are accepting Β orders starting today!

Each set contains 6 postcards (We’ve included 3 extra copies each design) plus (2) additional Valentines Stickers (PH only).



Each set is available for only P 99.75

20% discount for the first 5 orders.

These cards will only be available until Feb 15 (Monday).

Go and send your love now!

Postcards made by Adrian Olivares & Lorefel Pasibe

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Instagram: @lorra19

Adrian Olivares
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Twitter: @drian_olivares
Instagram: @drian_olivares
Snapchat: drian_olivares


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