Back to the Art

Good news everyone!

I’m finally back to the art!

The reason why I wasn’t able to work on projects and post stuffs for you guys, I was too busy at School. I’ve encountered lots of school works like Projects, Exams, and other paper works. It’s hard to manage stuffs mostly if it’s hell week (lolz). But now, I’m finally done with school works and stuffs! I’m going to start to work on my usually stuffs as an Artist.

I am looking forward for new stuffs this coming summer!

I’m so excited to post stuffs and update you guys! Btw, In case you haven’t followed me on Twitter or other more sites, Here’s the list (Actually they are all the same). Better follow me because I will be posting a lot of stuffs these coming weeks!

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @drian_olivares

Instagram: @drian_olivares

Snapchat: @drian_olivares


(Follow my Behance to check out my Art Portfolios).


TypexTravel Merch’s is still available!!

Type x Travel Postcards – P 119.75

Type x Travel Stickers – coming soon!

If you want to order, kindly send me an E-mail with the subject of [TypexTravel by BIA] at 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead! 🙂

– Adrian 🙂


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