Life these past few weeks + Announcements

It’s been a great month for me!

Actually, I’ve experienced a lot not just painting on my table and announcing stuffs. I was able to be productive these past few days because I was really aiming to finish stuffs before summer starts. School just ended last Tuesday! I was really happy and sad on the other side because I will totally miss my high school friends, we were always reminding each other that we should bond even if it’s summer (lol). The funny thing about us is that we are always reminding our friend Tricia that we will visit her house by April (lol).


(IG post by Kieanne22)

I guess this summer, I should start being open to opportunities because I don’t know what’s coming special for me this summer, but I’m trying to make progress to see if I could achieve something very great.

I am also happy that I was able to bond with my teacher friends a whole week because it made us really close to each other (because we have been talking about our lives with each other, lol).


(My Snapchat Post) Add me on Snapchat: drian_olivares πŸ™‚

Last Saturday, I was able to finish my plans for my coming workshop this May! I was really glad to announce that workshop because a lot of people was excited to attend and learn. Obviously, you can see that I am starting to make progress and I am also starting to be open to possibilities because why not? We should take those kind of opportunities in order for us to know if we are starting be successful in life.



I am looking forward to work more this coming summer (so obviously I will be busy). Don’t worry! I will still give time for you guys because hallo? I need to chill for some reasons (lol).


  • Lettering Workshop

In case you haven’t seen my posts on FB or Instagram, I’ll be conducting a Lettering Workshop on May 7 at Goldrip Cafe, Marikina City. πŸ™‚

You will learn the basics of lettering like creating different kinds of type and mixing them to create a beautiful and clean lettering. You will also learn the basics of watercolor and more tips and tricks to make better letterings. I will make sure that you will learn a lot from me. I will only accept 10 students for this workshop so make sure you will reserve your own slot! πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to invite you friends!

If you want to join and reserve a slot, kindly click this linkΒ


  • BGC Art Mart (Summer 2016)

I’ll be selling some merch on BGC Art mart this end of March and on the first day of April!

I’ll announce more details soon! πŸ™‚

IMG_9313 (1).JPG

Β Hope you guys are having a great week so far! I am also looking forward to more events that I will be at this summer! I can’t wait to see you πŸ™‚

Thank you guys for all the love!

– Adrian

Facebook App Page: Adrian Olivares

Twitter & Instagram: @drian_olivares

Snapchat: drian_olivares


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