Kamusta ka na? – Life Series

Hello guys! It’s been a while? Isn’t it? Maybe not for you but for me it’s been a long time. So as you can see, I just created a new title (lol). It is called the “Kamusta ka na?” which means “how are you?” in English.

So, Kamusta ka na? Kamusta na ba ako? Well let me tell you the stuffs that I’ve experienced these past few days. I’m telling you right now that it is very horrible (Gashh).


A virus attacked me which is called the Pityriasis Rosea a skin disease that really gave me a very bad experience! On the first, I was really curious about the spots that I saw in my entire arms and I was like “What are these? Are these insect bites?” (I was totally asking myself). And then later that day, I saw that it was really spreading throughout my entire body. The disease gave me itch and fever. You wanna know the feeling? It was like, I was hugging a Cactus every minute! Β It kills Mehhh!

But now, I am glad that the skin disease is now gone! That is why I am blogging right now (lol).


So right now I just want to tell you guys that I am starting fill up my Behance which is a collection of portfolios, cause it’s time to level bro? You are an artist! You should advertise your artworks and of course, yourself! (Lol, what?)


I am starting to work on projects because I am trying to make myself busy this summer! If you’re going to ask me why not take a break? Vacation? Well because I’m trying to work on stuffs that I was not able to work on because of school.


Like what I just said on my previous blog posts, It’s very hard to manage things up! If you thought that BEING AN ARTIST IS EASY, well let me tell you, IT’S NOT. Lalo na kung you’re taking yourself to a higher level cause you can’t just stay on your current low level. I’m reminding you now, Take chances and be open for opportunities! Let’s not talk about stuffs like that in this Blog Post beause this is about me obviously (lol). Omg! Now, I’m thinking of making a blog post about being an artist! Wait for it cause it’s coming! hahaha.

In case you want to see my Behance kindly click the link –Β https://www.behance.net/adrianoliv0149

I need more viewers and followers (lol). I know you’re supporting me throughout my art career so why not show more appreciation by viewing and following me on Behance! That will be great and awesome for me! Yehey! (lol).

I am planning to add another portfolio on my Behance, it is the “Huhugot ka pa?” Portfolio Project. Why Huhugot ka pa? it is because I’ve seen a lot of short hugots and stuffs on social media. Dalin kaya natin yang mga Hugots mo sa Portfolio ko?


I’ll post the mechanics on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you already followed me so that you will know how your hugots will be included in my portfolio.

As much as possible, Short hugots because they will be Hand Lettered!

Also, I’m still accepting students for my First Lettering Workshop on May 7! The workshop will be held at Goldrip Cafe, Marikina City Philippines.

If you want to attend on my Workshop kindly click the link –Β  http://goo.gl/forms/pgYp7lohDH


There will be a Early Bird discount for those who will pay the workshop fee before April 22! Don’t worry! I will make sure that you will learn a lot on my workshop. I’ll be giving tips ad tricks on how to make your own style of Lettering + Lots of freebies! (Cause it’s my first workshop).

I can’t wait to see you on May 7! Don’t forget to tell your friends to sign up as well.

Before I end this Blog Post, I just want to thank you for viewing and supporting Be Inspired Always and of course, me!

Make sure to Like / Follow / Add me!

Facebook Page: Adrian (Artist)

Twitter & Instagram: @drian_olivares

Snapchat: drian_olivares

Blog: http://www.beinspiredalways.wordpress.com

I just want to tell you that I am open for collaborations and stuffs so if you are planning to collaborate with me, you can E-mail me on adrianolivares2601@gmail.com πŸ™‚


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