Starting from the Bottom, Now I’m here

Workspace 2015 vs. Workspace 2016

Before Now.jpg

See the difference? It’s almost a year!

July 2015: The time when I was so excited to have my very own workspace! At first, I was really happy with the result because honestly that time, It was already perfect for me. I know that some people do have a beautiful workspace than mine but you don’t need a beautiful workspace for your art, you just need a plain table and create what your heart wants. After a few more months, I was able purchased lots of Art materials, Workspace decorations and other more stuffs. Β I remember the time when I was so happy and excited with my workspace that I quickly grabbed the ipad and took a photo of it and posted it on Instagram.

That time, I told myself that “This workspace deserves to be posted on Instagram.” and then suddenly I did posted it on Instagram (Laughing at myself rn).

Now let’s talk about my past artworks with the July 2015 workspace (lol).

So as you can see the photos on the top, I was really practicing hard back then. All artist starts with a scratch ok? Back then, I was really practicing Hand Lettering and Calligraphy (Ok now I’m totally embarrass). See? Start on a scratch! If you want to start creating, the first step is to think, try thinking of what you want to start on, If you want to try Calligraphy then start by buying materials for Calligraphy (Note: You don’t have to buy expensive materials).Β Just start and create, keep trying and work hard. You’ll get there!

I’ll be posting a blog post about my workspace this week (Workspace Tour). Also, BIA Shop will open in a few days! Get ready! πŸ™‚

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