Kamusta ka na: Illustrating & Experimenting

Hey guys! It’s been a week and let me just update you guys about the things that happened these past few days.

So let’s start with Illustrating, I’ve been  illustrating lots of travel stuffs so far. It’s because I’m planning to add more products to my Shop and also because I wanted to create something different aside from Lettering and Calligraphy. Since I was a kid, I was really focusing on drawing and not lettering. I created lots of characters, animals and other stuffs back then, I’m so glad that I was able to create those characters, because back at the time my imagination was very very wide! Seeing myself when I was still a kid makes me really proud.

Let’s go back to illustrating (lol).

Let me give you a hint! I’ve been illustrating “Travel Essentials”

I wanted to show to others how I illustrate things. For now, I’m just posting little sneak peaks of stuffs that I am working on so far. Make sure to follow me on Snapchat for more sneak peaks and announcements. 🙂


Btw, I’m still finishing my travel “diary” of our Tagaytay Trip last May, once I finished that, I will make a Blog post about it so make sure to wait for it (Be patient) LOL!

Experimenting Week

Day 1: I was experimenting with Fonts and Designs using my Faber Castell Pencil. I used my Victoria Journal for my lettering sketches and plans.

Tip: Make sure to have a sketch of your art first on a scratch paper or journal. Make sure you are satisfied on your sketch before transferring it into your canvas or an art paper.


Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men

Day 2: My art friend Ralf suggested that I should search for color palettes so that my art will look more fabulous and amazing. Two weeks ago, I was really planning to search different kinds of color combinations but I don’t know what happened or for short “Hindi natuloy” (Lol).

Ralf reminded me to have a research on color palettes and so I did! Researching is perfect for my Experimenting week! Thanks for reminding me Ralf (If you’re reading this blog post). 🙂

I searched some color palettes on the internet!

What I did , I tried to copy the tone of every single color. It’s very hard to achieve the color tone, what you have to do is you still have to mix several colors just to achieve one single color and it’s making me crazy! The struggle is real! So if you’re an artist, make sure to be ready if you’re planning to explore different kinds of color palettes (lol).

IMG_2130 (1).JPG

That’s it for Day 1 and 2! I might continue my experimenting series on our Ilocos Trip (I’m not sure). I’ll try to start my Day 3 at Ilocos (maybe).

Be Inspired with these colors! Yasss!!!!

Thank you to all who appreciates my works and projects!

Updates / Announcements:

  1. BIA Shop will be temporary closed starting next week! I’ll be fixing the shop and add more items. I promise that I will post announcements once the shop is fixed.
  2. I’m still open for Art Projects! If you want to contact me, just E-mail me at adrianolivares2601@gmail.com 
  3. I’ll be traveling to Ilocos tomorrow night. I’ll be back by next week!

Make sure to follow me on my Social Media accounts!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Adrian-Olivares-1405129969773856/

Twitter & Instagram: @drian_olivares

Shop (Local & International): Closed.


Be Inspired Always!


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