Working by yourself

These past few weeks, I was working on projects, fixing my shop, and more. Friends asked me if I get paid for what I’m doing, well the answer is obviously no but I’m getting paid once a customer or client pays for the artwork or the item.

I’m having fun with what I’m working on because it helps me to understand the importance of the things that surrounds me.

If I’m not going to step up to the next level of my passion then maybe I will never knew how to use Adobe Ps or Ai, because I know that those applications are important for all artists around the world who wants to express their art with the help of technology, also If I’m not going to step up to the next level then maybe I will never knew that I can produce my own merch.

As you have known, I am working by my own! yes you’ve heard it! I don’t have assistants or workers who can help me with my career, maybe I can have unless the person is being paid to work for me. It’s really hard to design by your own and then edit it and digitize it by yourself. I’m telling you now that things that I’ve been working on is not easy because like what I just said, I’m working by myself.

I’m going to give you guys some tips if you’re working by yourself. These tips are based on my experiences.

  1. Write down all your tasks / work

– First thing you should do is write down all the things that you will work on for tomorrow or for later. You have to plan first before you make an action. For example, If I have a project for a client, I will write it down on my journal or my notepad and then I will attach a time.


2. One at a time!

– Take it slow! Finish 1 task before going to another. Remember, take it slow!

3. Take a break

– If you’re done with almost half of your work, maybe you should take a break. Why not make a cup of iced coffee, eat chips or watch films (movies). Remember that you deserve a break! 🙂

4. Finish all your tasks for the day

– As much as possible, FINISH ALL THE TASKS that is written on your journal. I know that you don’t want unfinished works so you better remind yourself to wipe things out (lolz).

That’s all people!


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