Working by yourself

These past few weeks, I was working on projects, fixing my shop, and more. Friends asked me if I get paid for what I'm doing, well the answer is obviously no but I'm getting paid once a customer or client pays for the artwork or the item. I'm having fun with what I'm working on … Continue reading Working by yourself


Kamusta ka na: Illustrating & Experimenting

Hey guys! It's been a week and let me just update you guys about the things that happened these past few days. So let's start with Illustrating, I've been  illustrating lots of travel stuffs so far. It's because I'm planning to add more products to my Shop and also because I wanted to create something … Continue reading Kamusta ka na: Illustrating & Experimenting

Tagaytay Flowers

We went to Tagaytay to deliver a wood thingy. We visited Tita Poying's Garden/Farm. The entire place was filled with lots of different kinds of plants and flowers. Flowers for you my dear! 🙂 Thanks for viewing! Like my Facebook Page: Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat: @drian_olivares Behance: Local Shop: International Shop: